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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lexi's Illness

Lexi has been sick since Monday with who knows what. She has had a fever, chills, headache, tummy ache, throwing up...All the fun stuff. I hate her being sick and I can't do anything for her. Luckily though, none of the rest of us have gotten it. On Monday, she woke up sick, so she stayed home from school. I took Chris to school and he kept asking for Lexi. I made sure to keep him away from her, so he wouldn't catch whatever she had. The day proceeded with her throwing up a few times and just laying on the couch all day. She also complained of bad headaches off and on. Joe was at work and it was time to go get Chris at school. I felt so bad having to drag her with me, but I didn't have a choice. She kept asking if she could stay home. In the car, she was holding her head because it hurt so bad. She did ok, until we were 2 mins. from home, and then she threw up in the car. We had taken a plastic bag with us, but she misplaced it during the ride. When we got home, I threw them both in the bath while I cleaned the car. After bath time, she seemed a lot better. I thought she had gotten it out of her system. Here is a pic of her and Chris Monday night after I made them 'crowns'. I kept saying hats and Lexi corrected me.So, you can see she looks good in this picture! She didn't eat or drink much all day. She went to bed and woke up at 2am wanting milk. On to Tuesday. Joe had a dentist appointment, so he was gone most of the day. Lexi laid on the couch all day with her temperature going up and down. She didn't eat hardly anything again and it was hard getting her drink. I was focused on the fluids because I didn't want her to get dehydrated. No throwing up on Tuesday. A few bad headaches again. I was ready to take her to the doctor because of her head hurting so bad. Of course, Joe thought she was fine. She went to bed at 7pm and didn't wake up until 9:30am this morning. I thought for sure all that sleep would make her better! Then Wednesday...She woke up and wanted milk so I got it for her. She wanted to lay in bed with Daddy, so she went in there. I was downstairs with Chris and Joe started yelling. I ran upstairs and Lexi had thrown up in our bed. Joe put her in the bathtub so he could get the sheets off our bed. She was still getting sick. Then she had another bath and this time it didn't make her feel better. We made her a bed on the couch and she layed there for a few hours watching movies. I wanted to take her to the doctor and Joe said wait one more day. I was crying and a nervous wreck! Joe ordered cheese pizza just for Lexi and that made her happy. She actually at 2 pieces of pizza! I guess she was hungry! She has been eating crackers all day now and drinking juice and water. She finally got off the couch and colored a bit and played on the floor. She is finally getting better and I am so relieved! Her face is still pale, but no fever. I think she is just weak from not eating for 2 days. It has been a long week. I can hardly stand it when the kids get sick. It makes it harder that I am here mostly by myself, but we get through it.

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