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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Balloon Classic 2010

Jen came up from Pueblo West with Jackson, Avery and Ruby.  We had a nice dinner here and then headed downtown to see the balloons light up.  Last year the kids LOVED it!  This year Lexi was still into it, but Chris was scared the balloons were going to fall on him :(  Lexi got into a balloon basket and the local newspaper was there.  The guy took a picture of her and told us it would be online and then he got all our names.  We found the picture online and you can see it here:

A friend called me and told me the picture was in the actual newspaper, too!  On the front page of the Local section.  We have a great momento for Lexi!

Here are a few pictures I took:
This is similar to the one in the paper...
Aren't Ruby and Avery so cute in the NE Husker cheerleader outfits?!

My boys!
The Swanson's.

It was a fun night!  I am disappointed I didn't have my good camera with me, but there is always next year!