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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lexi Breaks Her Wrist

We have our first broken bone!  Lexi was playing on the playground after school with her friend Samantha, while the moms were talking, of course.  Lexi was trying to get down from the money bars and she scratched her wrist and twisted it at the same time.  She didn't cry or anything.  She just didn't want anyone to touch her wrist.  It didn't bruise or swell, so I was not concerned about it.  She complained a little and I gave her some Children's Advil and she was fine.  She woke up that night complaining that it hurt, so I gave her some more medicine.  All this happened on Tuesday.  She was still complaining on Thursday and we decided we needed to get an x-ray.  Boy is that a long process!  We finally got in to get an x-ray just before 5 pm on Thursday, 48 hrs after the incident.  We went to Daddy's office, so we got to see one of the places he works.  After the x-ray, I asked the tech if she could see anything.  She said she couldn't tell me anything other than we needed to stick around.  Finally, we got the results and there is a small fracture in her wrist.  We went to see our GP the next day, Friday, and they couldn't do anything.  They sent us to an Orthopaedic office.  Daddy was not happy!  After another long wait, Lexi got a bright pink cast!  We tried to talk to dr out of a cast, but she insisted.  There has been mild complaining about itching, only if she is not busy doing something.  It has been an adventure!  4 weeks to go!
Waiting to get her x-ray...
She is surprised at how fast the x-rays are taken!
Ms. Karen did an excellent job!
You can see her tiny fracture.
She picked pink, of course.  She already has a ton to names on it!
Daddy drawing a heart on it since Lexi can't write with her left hand.