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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lexi Loses Her First Tooth!

Lexi has had a loose tooth for about 6 weeks now and we thought it was never going to come out!  I guess the normal time it takes, if you let it come out on it's own, is 2 months.  It got really loose tonight and was bleeding a bit.  I told her to wiggle and twist it and it would come it.  She tried, but it was hurting.  Finally, I out my fingers around it and pulled up.  It came right out and Lexi had the biggest smile on her face! 
Her new smile.
The tooth right beside where this one came out is loose too.  She is growing up!

She was too excited to go to bed tonight.  She wanted to wait for the tooth fairy.  I hope she doesn't get forgotten :)

Spring Break

Lexi had spring break a few weeks ago.  We planned a busy week, but it was fun.  We got a lot of snow one night and were able to make a snowwoman.  Lexi designed the face :) 

The kids were trying to make snow angels, but there wasn't a lot of room.

The next day was sunny and warm so we went to the zoo!  Weird weather we had!
Look at how tiny the baby giraffe is.  There were 2 new babies.
This tiger kept walking back and forth eyeing us.  Beautiful.
Everytime we would walk under a bunch of trees, we would get snow dropped on us.  It was all melting.  The kids loved it!

I took Lexi to see her first movie in the theater.  We saw Alice in Wonderland with some of her friends.
Samantha (from school), Lexi and Savannah (from church).  They had fun together!
Moms and daughters.  I hope to do this a lot with Lexi.  I remember the first movie I saw at the theater...E.T. and I love the movie still! 

We had a fun filled week!