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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Family Project ~ Bird Feeders

Last weekend we decided to do a family project.  We did some research online for woodworking with kids.  Bird feeders is what we came up with.  We started out Saturday at Michaels getting supplies to decorate our bird feeders.  The kids picked out their own theme.  They loved it!  Then we went to Lowe's to get the wood.  They both decorated their bird feeder however they wanted.  We can't wait to complete them and start feeding the birds!  We haven't picked out where to put them yet, but I am sure we will find the perfect spot.  Joe and I did one together and we are quite happy with it.
Chris added an airplane to one side...
So proud!
 And a rocket with a star on the other side.  Do you like the flower pots?  Lexi put some on hers, so Chris needed some too.
Lexi put a picket fence boarder, flower pots, a tulip and a heart...
And a sun.
Daddy painted the American Flag for her.
               We made ours rustic.  We added moss to the roof and cut pieces of Aspen around it.

Don't you love their hand prints on the roof?  We are already thinking about our next family project!