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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Swimming Lessons

The kids finished their first swimming session yesterday.  It went for a total 5 weeks, 2 classes a week.  They both did excellent and will be continuing on to the next classes.  Lexi is a natural in the water.  I think she finally found her "sport"!  Her teacher came up to me a few times over the past weeks to tell me how well she was doing and how fast she learned.  Yesterday, he told me she was the best student he has ever had.  She listened to his directions, followed through and improved quickly.  He also said if she sticks with it, should could become a state champ!  We are so proud of her!  Chris learned how not to be afraid of the water.  He is always the first one in the water and the first to jump in!  He had a few days where he got cold (we had lessons on the coldest days this season!) and had to get out.  He can do a back float perfectly!  He can't wait to be as good a swimmer as Lexi!
Aren't the cute together?
Lexi swimming.
Chris jumping in.

It was hard to get good pictures.  I will try to get some more this session.  Thanks, Grandpa!