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Monday, February 23, 2009

The little man

I didn't forget about Chris! Here is some of him hiding under the blanket last night. He thought it was so funny!

A girls' day

Here are pictures from yesterday. After church, Lexi and I went to lunch at Chili's and then to the mall to try on flower girl dresses!

We had a fun day!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I feel like I am writing about Lexi so much, I need to include Chris...Although this one is mostly about Lexi anyway!

Lexi is starting to form some unique eating habits. I guess I should be happy she is eating stuff together and healthier. Her first weird combination is eating a cheese and peanut butter sandwich. I couldn't believe she requested it! She never lets her food touch, so I was curious. I asked her if she had eaten it somewhere else or if one of her friends had talked about it. She said no, she just wanted it. Then I had to make her promise she would eat it all. I hate wasting food and that is what the kids are good at! She said she would and it was gone in a matter of minutes! The next one is from today. She wanted a cup filled with Vienna sausage (she has loved them since she was little and calls them 'ostrich' since she couldn't pronounce them), cut up stick cheese and carrots. She ate most of it. There was a lot, so I am sure she was full!

Here is a picture of her with her 'ostrich', cheese and carrots.

I am trying to think of what I can say about Chris. He is finally starting to talk almost in sentences and it is nice. Right now he is chasing Lexi around doing his monster growl and laughing. He is losing his baby face and is looking like a big kid. No luck with potty training yet. I am hoping he isn't too hard to train, but right now he doesn't care, so I am not going to push it. He still likes to be cuddled and that makes me happy!

Here is the kids at dinner tonight. Thought it would be nice to see what they look like now! Well, I gotta go finish dinner. It smells so good! It is a new recipe, so we can't wait to see how it turned out.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Lexi tonsils

We had an appointment to take Lexi to the doctor for a consult about having her tonsils taken out. They are always swollen and it looks so painful! She doesn't complain, but we think since she has lived with it forever, she doesn't know the difference. She also snores loud at night and talks nasally all the time. I got up and took the kids to school today and told Lexi I would pick her up later for her appointment and then take her back to school for her Valentine's Day party. So, Joe and I picked her up and Joe got turned around going to the doctor! We were supposed to be 10 minutes early, but we got there just in time. We did the sign in stuff and waited...for 40 minutes. We finally told them we had to leave at 12 pm and they said we can't rush the doctor and we might have to reschedule. Of course Joe was furious! They said if it makes you feel any better, the doctor has to leave at 12 also. He got called into an emergency surgery. So, we asked does that mean Lexi will be seen by 12? They said we can't guarantee that. We just walked out and a few hours were wasted. Lexi was upset and asked why didn't the doctor want to see her? We try to prepare her for things and she does great. We took her back to school and it was lunch time and she got to have a cupcake. She was really worried about missing the cupcakes! Later today, Joe called me from work and said we are not going back to that office. I guess they have a reputation for being late all the time. I guess we will have to find another doctor or forget about it. I try not to be superstitious, but I really don't like Friday the 13th. It never seems to go well.