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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Break - Day 3

We woke up to a chilly, windy morning.  I decided Danny and I were not going to get in the water.  He was already so exhausted from the trip, not getting regular naps.  We had cinnamon rolls in our room and then Joe and the kids went swimming.  I got everything packed up for our trip home while Danny napped. 
 Tired kids!

 The view of the mountains from our room.

 Our "I love you" sign :)
We were able to tour a cabin to see what we thought of them.  We are hosting Thanksgiving this year and we are renting 2 cabins at the hot springs.  We were impressed!  We can't wait to go back in November!

After we checked out of our room, we headed back to Buena Vista for brunch.  We ate at restaurant that had been recommended by several friends, Rooster's Crow Cafe.  I have to say, we were impressed!  I was amazed at how many great restaurants this little town had!  After brunch, Joe took the kids for a last hike while I tried to feed Danny in the car.  He wasn't having it!  I was hoping he would eat good before our 2 hour trip home.  Luckily, he passed out as we were leaving town and didn't wake up again until we got to the Springs.  Lexi and Chris napped, as well.

Here are some pictures Joe took.

We had a great trip!!!

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