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Thursday, August 23, 2012

8 months

Danny is 8 months and looks like a toddler!  He is so big, weighing over 18 pounds.  It is weird to remember how big (or small) Lexi and Chris were at this age compared to Danny.  7-8 months was a busy time for Danny.  He learned how to crawl, give kisses, clap, wave, high-five and almost understands "no".  He is also starting to communicate with sounds.  "Ba-ba" means he wants to nurse and "huh-buh" means high-five.  I am so glad I am able to stay home with him and learn from him!

He is definitely not shy!  He loves being the center of attention, even in a room full of people he does not know.  He flirts with every lady we pass and will go to strangers.  He is so curious about everything!  He is going to be my most challenging kid, I think!

 I was making pancakes and dropped some flour.  Danny decided to play in it.
 He loves playing with his big sister!

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