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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Things Kids Say

Here is how a conversation between the kids and I went the other day.
Lexi: "Mommy, what is this called?"
Me:  "A Blow Pop."
Lexi:  "Did you have one of these when you were a kid?"
Me:  "Yes Lexi, I have had a lot of Blow Pops.  Some even when I wasn't a kid."
Lexi:  "You mean when you were a teenager?"  Starting to get sassy.
Me:  "Yes, some when I was a teenager.  Teenagers are still kids, though."
Lexi:  "No, they aren't."  Her sassy voice is in full force now.  And we go back a forth a few times.  Chris decides to join in.
Chris:  "There was a boy one at Chipotles the other day and it was a boy teenager."  He swings his hips back and forth and does his smirk.
I have to laugh, calling the teenager "it"!  They can be "its" sometimes, I am sure!

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