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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lexi Loses Her First Tooth!

Lexi has had a loose tooth for about 6 weeks now and we thought it was never going to come out!  I guess the normal time it takes, if you let it come out on it's own, is 2 months.  It got really loose tonight and was bleeding a bit.  I told her to wiggle and twist it and it would come it.  She tried, but it was hurting.  Finally, I out my fingers around it and pulled up.  It came right out and Lexi had the biggest smile on her face! 
Her new smile.
The tooth right beside where this one came out is loose too.  She is growing up!

She was too excited to go to bed tonight.  She wanted to wait for the tooth fairy.  I hope she doesn't get forgotten :)

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