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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I HATE Dentists ~ Joe's Story

Joe has always hated dentists as long as I have known him.  Over the last couple of weeks, he has been sick and finally figured out what was wrong.  He started out with a cold, then he got an ear infection, and then he got a sinus infection that was putting pressure on his wisdom tooth.  All in a week and a half!  So, he called our dentist yesterday and told him how much pain he was in and they made an appointment right away.  Well, he went to our dentist and expected to get his wisdom took taken out.  He came home earlier than I expected and he was livid!  The dentist cut him on the side of his gums since the tooth had not come down yet and he tried to get the tooth out, but couldn't.  The dentist said it had been years since that had happened.  He sent Joe home with antibiotics for the sinus infection, but no pain meds!  He referred Joe to an oral surgeon and I worked with them last night to get him an appointment today.  This morning, after taking Lexi to school, we headed to the oral surgeon.  While Joe was having the procedure done, Chris and I went to a shopping center nearby to kill some time.  Joe was out of there fast!  He was sedated during the procedure and decided to have both of the top wisdom teeth taken out.  He is in a lot of pain and the first 2 days will be the worst.  What a great way to spend a vacation day!  HAHA!  Joe is such a trooper, he will be going back to work tomorrow.  He has laid on the couch most of the day and finally got him to eat something.  Now he is playing with the kids.  Hopefully, he will not have to go through anything like this again.  I got a couple of pictures with my cell phone at the surgeons's office.  They aren't very good, but you will get a laugh :).

 His cheeks were so swollen!

Here he was smiling and talking to Chris.

I think we are now looking for a new dentsist.  Any recommendations?!

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