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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Joe's 1st Mountain Bike Race!!!

I am trying to play catch-up for a few weeks...
On August 1st, Joe completed his first mountain bike race! I am so proud of him! Although he didn't place, he did do something exciting...He beat out Lance Armstrong's trainer! I think that is awesome! Here are some pictures of the big day...

Here are our friends Richard and Ethan showing their support! Joe checking to make sure everything is working correct.
This is the starting line. You can see Joe in the middle wearing the red helmet and blue jersey.
Taking off for the first lap! Go Joe!
Coming in from the first lap...
Coming into the finish line...a look of determination!

The race was at the Air Force Academy. They rode 2 laps totaling 26 miles. Joe did 2 practice runs before the day of the race and he beat his best practice time. He was exhausted when it was over, but looking forward to another race!

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